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Customization options available in SecurePayStubs

Here are the things you can customize when generating a pay stub with SecurePayStubs.

Paystub Templates

SecurePayStubs offers a library of free professional looking paystub templates. You can custom choose the right stub template that fits your business needs at no extra cost!

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Business Logo

Generating pay stubs with your business logo is necessary as it is the foundation of your business’s brand identity.

Customize the pay stubs that you generate for your employees and contractors by adding your business logo.

Check Number

The pay stubs you issue to your employees or contractors must be unique and easy to find.

SecurePayStubs allows you to provide a unique check number for every pay stub you create for your employees and contractors.

Other customization options

SecurePayStubs also offers other customization options such as including employee’s time-off information and deposit slip on pay stubs.

Here’s how to generate pay stubs securely for employees with SecurePayStubs

Why create paystubs with SecurePayStubs?

SecurePayStubs is a fast and easy way to create pay stubs online. It’s the right choice for small businesses and self-employed individuals who are looking to generate paystubs online.

SecurePayStubs also calculates federal and state taxes based on current tax laws and requirements, thereby making it easy to generate accurate online paystubs in just a few clicks!

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Love what we got to offer?

Try out the various customization options we have provided and generate pay stubs with SecurePayStubs.

Frequently asked questions

The pay stub template has watermarks in it because you haven’t completed the order yet. Once you complete the order successfully by making payment, the watermarks will be automatically removed.

You can make as many changes you want to your pay stubs created using SecurePayStubs. There’s no additional charge or limit to the changes you make.

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