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Why is choosing a paystub template for your business important?

Why is choosing a paystub template for your business important?

As a business owner, you are required by law to provide pay stubs to your workforce. And, the paystubs you provide to your employees and contractors should look professional and, at the same time, help increase your business's brand value. SecurePayStubs offers a library of free paystub templates and you can choose any template without any limitations.

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3 things that you need to consider when you choose a pay stub template for your business

  • Color


    The color of the pay stub should suit your business. For example, the template can be the same as your logo color.

  • Business logo

    Business logo

    The pay stub template should have a dedicated space for your business logo.

  • Figures mentioned

    Figures mentioned

    A pay stub must contain a few mandatory values such as employee name, business name, earnings, and federal and state taxes.

SecurePayStubs ticks all these items. Now, it’s time for you to tick SecurePayStubs.

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3 things that you need to consider when you choose a pay stub template for your business

Select a template for your business 
from our library

Fire paystub template

Fire Template

Preview Fire Template
Diamma paystub template

Diamma Template

Preview Diamma Template
Metallica paystub template

Metallica Template

Preview Metallica Template
Meat paystub template

Meat Template

Preview Meat Template
Green head paystub template

Green head Template

Preview Green head Template
Silver coat paystub template

Silver coat Template

Preview Silver coat Template
Green tree paystub template

Green tree Template

Preview Green tree Template
Velvet paystub template

Velvet Template

Preview Velvet Template
Yellow crazy paystub template

Yellow crazy Template

Preview Yellow crazy Template
Meadow paystub template

Meadow Template

Preview Meadow Template
Blue paystub template

Blue Paystub Template

Preview Blue Template
glade green paystub template

Glade Green Template

Preview Glade Green Template
Cherokee paystub template

Cherokee Template

Preview Cherokee Template
trolley grey paystub template

Trolley Grey Template

Preview Trolley Grey Template
Black paystub template

Black Template

Preview Black Template
Cloud Gray paystub template

Cloud Gray Template

Preview Cloud Gray Template
forest green paystub

Forest Green Template

Preview Forest Green Template
Lemen tree paystub

Lemon Tree Template

Preview Lemon Tree Template
violet red paystub

Violet Red Template

Preview Violet Red Template

Create paystubs by choosing the 
perfect paystub template

Give it a try and experience how easy it is to create a pay stub with SecurePayStubs.

Frequently asked questions

No. Once you complete the order successfully by making payment, there will not be any mention of SecurePayStubs in the form of text or a logo.

No. Any paystub template you choose for your business is absolutely free and you will not be charged any extra amount.

No. There are no restrictions in using multiple templates for your business. For example, you can choose different paystub templates for different employees.

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