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Benefits you get by choosing SecurePayStubs

Generate Paystubs Instantly

Generate Paystubs Instantly

Generate pay stubs for salaried and hourly employees in 3 simple steps! No complex process.

Free Paystub Templates

Free Paystub Templates

Our template library offers a variety of professional pay stub templates for employees, which you can use for free.

Accurate Tax Calculations

Accurate Tax Calculations

Our online paystub generator provides advanced tax calculation features that accurately calculates employees’ Federal and State taxes.

Download or Email Paystubs

Download or Email Paystubs

Once pay stubs are generated, you can download, print, or email them to your employees right away.

Here’s how to generate pay stubs securely for employees with SecurePayStubs

Here’s how to generate pay stubs securely for employees with SecurePayStubs

  • Provide Basic Information

    Provide company, employee, salary, and pay schedule information.

  • Preview the Pay Stub

    Select a pay stub template for free that suits your business, preview the paystub, and make corrections if required. Preview Stub Samples

  • Download the Pay Stub

    After generating the employee pay stub, you can print or download it. We also provide an option to email pay stubs directly to employees from the application.

Create Paystubs Now

Why Choose SecurePayStubs?

With SecurePayStubs as your online pay stub generator, you can create employee pay stubs on the go in just a few minutes. Our calculations are error-free, making the whole stub generation process in less than 5 minutes!

For just $2.99 per check stub, you can begin generating accurate paystubs for employees right away!

Create Paystubs with SecurePayStubs
Why Choose SecurePayStubs?

Ready to generate employee pay stubs?

Get started with SecurePayStubs, your go-to online pay stub generator, to accurately generate employee paystubs!

Frequently Asked Questions 
About Employee Paystubs

An employee pay stub must contain the following details:

  • Company and employee information
  • Pay period and any day
  • Work hours and earnings
  • Taxes
  • Other withholdings
  • Net earnings

However, the details provided in an employee pay stub may slightly differ based on the business sector and state employment laws.

After generating pay stubs, you can either download and print them and issue it manually to your employees or email them right from the application without any hassles.

As an employee, it is mandatory to keep pay stubs for at least a year or until Form W-2 or annual Social Security tax forms have been filed. Also, having a record of pay stubs comes handy while submitting a proof of income for a home or car loan as such.

Absolutely! As employee pay stubs contain information on salary received and tax withholdings, they can be used as proof of income as well as employment.

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