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Operating a business in New York entails essential considerations before issuing pay stubs to employees and contractors.

This overview delves into the pertinent laws and regulations governing payroll management and the dispensation of pay stubs for employers in the state.

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Pay stub regulations in New York

1. Are pay stubs required by law in New York?

Employers in New York must provide their employees with pay stubs every payday.

2. How often do you need a pay stub in New York?

You will need to pay your employees at least weekly or semimonthly (upon approval). As pay stubs are mandatory in New York, you will need to provide pay stubs every time you pay your employees.

3. What information can be included on a pay stub in New York?

The following information can be included in employee pay stubs:

  • Employee and employer information
  • Pay period date
  • Type of payment (hourly, salary, commission, etc)
  • Rate of payment (regular rate and overtime rate)
  • Deductions and allowances
  • Gross pay
  • Net pay

4. Does New York have a state income tax?

Yes, state income taxes are applicable to employees in the state of New York.

5. Are there any other taxes applicable to New York?

Yes. New York City and Yonkers have local payroll taxes.

Information needed to generate pay stubs

To provide employees with accurate pay stubs, the information below is required.

  • Employee's exemption status from state withholding
  • Employee's applicable status for SDI and paid family leave insurance
  • Information such as filing status, additional withholding amount for NYC and Yonkers, total allowances for NYC, and additional state withholding.

New York wage and hour laws

Employers in New York are obligated to comply with wage and hour regulations, which encompass ensuring that non-exempt employees receive minimum wage, appropriate compensation for overtime, adequate meal and rest breaks, and accrued paid time-off benefits.

These regulations cover a wide range of employment law aspects.

  • Minimum wage
  • Overtime pay
  • Meal breaks
  • Rest breaks
  • Paid time off and leave

New York Minimum wage

In New York, employers are mandated by law to provide workers with at least the minimum hourly wage, adhering to legal standards. The Basic Minimum Rate per hour is $15.00 statewide, with exceptions in specific areas such as New York City, Nassau County, Suffolk County, and Westchester County, where it is $16.00 for the year 2024.

Overtime pay

In accordance with New York Labor Law, overtime pay is designated as one and a half times the regular rate of pay for hours worked beyond 40 in a work week. While nearly all workers are eligible for overtime pay, there are specific exceptions outlined in the law.

Meal break

Employers in New York State are required to grant all employees time off for meals after they have worked a specific duration of hours. Typically, employers must offer a minimum of 30 minutes of unpaid meal break if an employee works more than 6 hours. Additionally, all workers are entitled to an extra 20-minute meal break between 5:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. for workdays that span from before 11:00 a.m. to after 7:00 p.m.

Rest break

In New York State, employers are mandated to afford specific employees with a minimum of 24 consecutive hours of rest within each calendar week.

Paid time off and leave

Employers in New York are required to provide employees with both compulsory and optional leave benefits.

Required LeaveNon-Required leave
paidUnpaidPaid or Unpaid
Employees have the entitlement to receive a 12-week period of paid family leave.Jury leave-Employers with over 10 employees must compensate the employee at a minimum of $40.00 per day for the initial 3 days of jury service.Vacation leave
Family Military leave- Employers with a workforce of 20 or more individuals must provide employees with an unpaid leave of absence lasting up to 10 days.Military leaveBereavement leave
Voting leave-Upto 2 hoursWitness leaveHoliday leave
Crime Victim

New York State payroll taxes 2024

In New York, payroll taxes are classified as:

  • New York Personal Income Tax(PIT)
  • New York State Unemployment Insurance (UI)
  • New York State Disability Insurance (SDI)
  • New York Paid Family and Medical Leave (PFML)

New York Personal Income Tax(PIT)

In New York, state personal income tax rates vary according to an individual's filing status and income level, which may include Single, Married Filing Separately, Married Filing Jointly, and Head of Household.

For Taxable Year 2024 in New York, individual income tax rates are structured across the following brackets: 4.00%, 4.50%, 5.25%, 5.50%, 6.00%, 6.85%, 9.65%, 10.30%, and 10.90%.

New York State Unemployment Insurance (UI)

The State Unemployment Tax Act (SUTA) in New York serves the purpose of extending support to unemployed individuals through the provision of unemployment benefits. This legislation grants authority to the state to collect funds required for distributing unemployment insurance benefits to eligible individuals facing unemployment.

In New York, for the year 2024, State Unemployment Tax Act (SUTA) rates exhibit a range from the lowest rate of 2.1% to the highest rate of 9.9%.

New employers are typically subjected to a rate of 4.1% in 2024.
Additionally, the taxable wage for 2024 is set at $12,500.

New York State Disability Insurance (SDI)

In New York, employers are mandated to offer disability benefits coverage to employees for off-the-job injuries or illnesses. This coverage can be acquired through an authorized disability benefits insurance carrier approved by the New York State Department of Financial Services. Large employers have the option to self-insure with authorization from the Board.

Costs may be fully covered by the employer or shared with the employee. Employee portion may not exceed 0.5% of the first $120/week capped at $0.60/week

New York Paid Family and Medical Leave (PFML)

New York State Paid Family Leave offers eligible employees up to 12 weeks of paid, job-protected leave for bonding with a new child, caring for a seriously ill family member, or aiding a family member deployed on active military duty abroad. This leave can be taken consecutively or in full-day increments.

In 2024, employees will contribute 0.373% of their gross wages per pay period, with a maximum annual contribution of $333.25.

New York payroll tax filing

Report of New hire Employees

Employers are mandated to report newly hired or rehired employees destined to work in New York State within 20 calendar days from the commencement of employment. This reporting requirement utilizes Form W-4 for submission.

Report of New hire Independent Contractors

Employers are obligated to report individuals under an independent contractor arrangement with contracts exceeding $2,500 through the New York New Hire Online Reporting Center.

How to report employees' and independent contractors' new hire in New York?

You have the option to choose from various methods available for reporting new hires.

Employees and independent contractors New Hire ReportAddress Information:
New York State
Department of Tax and Finance,
New Hire Notification
P.O. Box 15119
Albany, NY 12212
Public Phone: 518-320-1079
Fax 1: 518-320-1080

New York Quarterly Combined Withholding, Wage Reporting, And Unemployment Insurance Return (NYS-45)

Every calendar quarter, responsible employers must report their payroll and remit unemployment insurance contributions as mandated by law. This process is conducted through the Quarterly Combined Withholding, Wage Reporting, and Unemployment Insurance Return (Form NYS-45), which is required to be submitted electronically. This obligation remains applicable regardless of whether the wages are subject to contributions or withholding under the Personal Income Tax Law.

Reporting PeriodDue Date
Quarter 1April 30
Quarter 2July 31
Quarter 3October 31
Quarter 4January 31

New York Personal income tax filing

The Tax Department and the IRS initiate the processing of income tax returns on Monday, January 29, 2024. The deadline for filing returns, paying any owed tax, or requesting an extension of time to file is midnight on April 15, 2024.

Taxpayers are encouraged by the Department to consider utilizing Free File software accessible on the Tax Department website at www.tax.ny.gov (search: free).

Residents are required to utilize Form IT-201, while nonresidents or part-year residents, if obligated to file a New York State return, should use Form IT-203.

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This article has been updated from its original publication date of April 10, 2024.