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State paystub requirements

Each state in the United States has its very own requirements for creating and providing pay stubs to employees and contractors. If you are a small business owner who is running payroll on your own and issuing pay stubs manually to your employees and contractors, then our resources will help you save some time. Check out our resources for pay stub requirements and payroll laws for each state to complete the payroll processing in less time.

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State payroll requirements

As a small business owner, you may not be able to afford a payroll solution and you are on your own to run payroll. That doesn’t mean you’ll need to spend more time keeping up with federal and state payroll requirements.

Enough of juggling between multiple web pages to stay updated with payroll laws.

We have created this resource to help small business owners like you by collating all the payroll requirements for each state on one page. All you need is this one resource for all your payroll-related questions and stay compliant.

See below the list of states and their pay stub and payroll requirements in detail and manage payroll for your business better.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes. Each state in the US has their own labor laws, which will vary from state to state. You can get to know all the information related to labor laws for each state from our state resources.

A few states will require employers to deduct more from their employees for certain items. This includes state income tax, unemployment insurance, state disability insurance, paid family leave insurance, etc. In addition, some cities and counties will also have their local taxes. To learn the applicable taxes and deductions for your state, you can check out our state resources. To calculate accurate taxes for your state and create pay stubs securely, you can use our online pay stub generator.

To generate pay stubs, basic information such as employer, employee, and salary information is required. To create accurate pay stubs, each state requires different information, which you can learn by accessing our state resources.

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