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Why Should Self-Employed Individuals Generate 
Pay Stubs Using SecurePayStubs?

Generate PayStubs Instantly

Generate PayStubs Instantly

Generate pay stubs accurately for self employed individuals with our online pay stub generator in just 3 steps - it’s as simple as that!

Access to Free PayStub Templates

Access to Free PayStub Templates

Select a pay stub template for self-employed individuals from the variety of pay stub templates that’s available for free!

Accurate Earnings & Deductions Calculation

Accurate Earnings & Deductions Calculation

Easily add earnings and deductions of self employed individuals and accurately calculate their YTD using our online pay stub generator.

Download or Print Paystubs

Download or Print Paystubs

SecurePayStubs allows instant access to pay stubs. You can download and print pay stubs for your records.

self-employed individuals with SecurePayStubs

Here’s how to generate pay stubs securely for self-employed individuals with SecurePayStubs

  • Provide Basic Information

    Provide information about the self employed individual and company, along with the earning information such as salary and pay period. Also, add any additional earnings and deductions if required.

  • Preview the Pay Stub

    Select a pay stub template from the list of various free templates available for self employed individuals. Now, preview the paystub and make corrections if required. Preview Stub Samples

  • Download the Pay Stub

    After generating the pay stub, you can print or download it. We also provide an option to share pay stubs directly to your email.

Create Paystubs Now

The Added Value We Provide

With SecurePayStubs, you can generate accurate pay stubs for self employed people on the go! Our calculations are error-free, making the whole stub generation process in less than 5 minutes!

For just $2.99 per paycheck stub, you can begin generating accurate paystubs for self employed individuals right away!

Create Paystubs with SecurePayStubs
The Added Value We Provide

Start generating pay stubs for 
self employed individuals now!

Get started with SecurePayStubs to accurately generate paystubs for self-employed individuals.

Commonly Asked Questions 
About Paystubs for Self-Employed Individuals

Absolutely! A self-employed individual who might not receive paystub from an employer may opt to use an online pay stub generator like SecurePayStubs to generate pay stub and accurately determine their earnings and deductions.

With basic information about the individual, company, along with their earning information, you can generate pay stubs in 3 simple steps!

Yes! Self-employed individuals can create their own pay stubs which will serve as a record of their earnings and can be used as proof of income.

Yes, of course. The template chosen for self employed individual pay stubs can be changed without any additional cost. SecurePayStubs offers a variety of free pay stub templates tailor made for every individual and business needs!

Since a self-employed individual might not receive a paystub from an employer, they can create their own paystub and accurately determine their earnings and deductions. They can also use the paystub to get paid for their services.

Generally, pay stubs are issued to an employee along with their paychecks for each payment cycle. However, this is not the same for self-employed individuals as they don’t receive self-employed paystubs from their employers.

As a self-employed individual, you can use the following documents as proof of income

  • Annual Tax Return (Form 1040)
  • Form 1099
  • Bank statements (if you don’t have a corresponding 1099 form)
  • Self-Employed Pay Stubs

Self-employed individuals usually don't receive a pay stub from their employers. Instead, they report all income based on 1099s received for contracted work.

If you’re a self-employed individual, you can use an online paystub generator to create your own pay stub with earnings and deductions calculated.

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