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Instant and Accurate Online PayStub Generator

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Get perfect paystubs with accurate federal and state taxes instantly.

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How does our PayStub Maker work?

Experience seamless pay stub creation! Watch now for quick and easy pay stubs creation with our user-friendly PayStub Maker.

Just a few simple steps to generate paystubs using our online paystub generator

Input Information

Input Information

Provide details such as the name of the organization, your working hours, and salary information.

Preview your pay stub in advance

Preview your pay stub in advance

Select your preferred template and preview your salary statement.

Download and print your pay stub

Download and print your pay stub

Instantly download and print your paycheck stub.

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How does SecurePayStubs ensure accurate pay stub generation?

How does SecurePayStubs ensure accurate pay stub generation?

SecurePayStubs ensures accurate pay stub generation by carefully integrating key information such as company details, employee/contractor data, W4 information, salary details, earnings and deductions data, with automatic Year-to-Date (YTD) calculations. Our system calculates taxes in compliance with federal and state laws, ensuring precision in the generation of pay stubs.

Why Choose Our Paystub Generator?

Unlike any other online paystub maker, our pay stub generator is hassle-free and takes less than 5 minutes to complete. SecurePayStubs calculates all applicable taxes for pay stubs, including federal and state taxes for all 50 states, as well as FICA(Social Security and Medicare Taxes). To ensure accurate tax calculations, simply provide the necessary company, employee, and salary information.

Why Choose Our Paystub Generator?

SecurePayStubs features that make pay stub generation easy

Accurate tax calculation

Our paystub generator accurately computes federal and state taxes, including FICA (Social Security and Medicare Taxes), based on current payroll laws.

More than 1,260,024 pay stubs were created using our paystub generator

Pay stub templates look great and the customer support is excellent. Highly recommended.

It's user-friendly, accurate, and saves me so much time. Definitely worth the investment.

Loved it. It's incredibly easy to use and the tax calculations are spot on.

Very user-friendly. The customization options allowed me to create professional looking pay stubs.

Want to create a pay stub accurately and instantly?

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SecurePayStubs is also available as a mobile app

SecurePayStubs is also available as a mobile app

Create accurate pay stubs for employees and independent contractors and send them by email on the go. Our pay stub generator service is available on both iOS and Android.

Ready to try? Install the app now!

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Frequently asked questions about our Online Paystub Generator?

What is an online paystub generator?

An online paystub generator is a digital tool or software designed to create electronic paystubs, also known as paycheck stubs or salary slips. It automates the process of generating detailed documents that outline an employee's earnings, deductions, and other relevant financial information.

Why use an online paystub generator?

An online paystub generator offers numerous benefits. It saves time by automating calculations and formatting, ensuring accuracy and compliance with tax rules. Additionally, it enhances the professional appearance of your pay stubs, thereby boosting your business's credibility.

How can I create a pay stub as a small business owner?

As a small business owner, you can benefit from using an online pay stub generator, such as SecurePayStubs, to create pay stubs for your employees. SecurePayStubs is an ideal solution for small businesses like yours, providing access to free pay stub templates that you can customize to meet your specific requirements. With this tool, you can generate your employees' pay stubs in just minutes. Once the pay stub is created, you have the option to download and share it directly with your employees, or you can let us handle the distribution on your behalf.

What are the accepted payment methods?

We support payments using both credit and debit cards, including all popular card types such as Mastercard, American Express, and Visa.

Is a paystub the same as a paycheck?

No, a "paystub" and a "paycheck" are related but different parts of getting paid. A paycheck is the money you receive for work, either in a check or direct deposit. Meanwhile, a paystub is like a receipt that breaks down how your pay was calculated and any deductions made. Think of the paycheck as the actual payment and the pay stub as the detailed breakdown.

How can I create my own pay stub by using paystub generator software?

The easiest way to create your pay stub is by using SecurePayStubs, considered one of the best online pay stub generator software options. SecurePayStubs streamlines the pay stub creation process into three simple steps:
  1. Input your company, employee, and salary information, including earnings and deductions, for accurate tax calculations.
  2. Select a template that suits your business, preview the pay stub to ensure all information is correct.
  3. Download the pay stub and have it emailed to you!

Can I access previously generated paystubs?

Yes, our online paystub generator provides access to a history of generated paystubs, allowing you to retrieve and download past pay stubs for record-keeping or reference purposes.

Is it illegal to make a pay stub?

Creating your own pay stub is not illegal; however, producing a fake pay stub and presenting it as proof of income is against the law. Engaging in such activities may result in substantial penalty charges, and in severe cases, could lead to imprisonment.

What is Year to Date (YTD), and why is it required in the paystub?

Year to Date (YTD) is important for both employers and employees. Employers use YTD to track the total payroll expenses, while employees rely on it to determine the taxes to report on their individual income tax return. SecurePayStubs accurately calculates Year to Date (YTD) for you, simplifying the process.
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