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Why Choose SecurePayStubs to Generate Paystubs 
for Independent Contractors?

Generate Paystubs Instantly

Generate Paystubs Instantly

Generate pay stubs for 1099 contractors in 3 simple steps—that's all it takes.

Free Paystub Templates

Free Paystub Templates

Choose any independent contractor pay stub template from the list of free templates available.

Accurate Earnings & Deductions Calculation

Accurate Earnings & Deductions Calculation

Easily add earnings and deductions of independent contractors and accurately calculate their YTD using our contractor pay stub generator.

Sending out pay stubs made easy!

Sending out pay stubs made easy!

After generating pay stubs, you can download, print, or email them to your contractors.

Here's how to generate pay stubs securely for Independent Contractors with SecurePayStubs

  • Provide Basic Information

    Provide information about the contractor and company, along with their earning information such as salary and pay period. Also, add any additional earnings and deductions if required.

  • Preview the Pay Stub

    Select a contractor pay stub template for free that fits your business and preview the paystub to ensure the information provided in it is correct. If not, you can always go back and make the required changes. Preview Stub Samples

  • Download the Pay Stub

    Once the independent contractor pay stub is generated, download and share it with them or allow us to send it to contractors on your behalf.

Create Paystubs Now

The Added Value We Provide

With SecurePayStubs as your online pay stub generator, you can create pay stubs easily on the go in just a few minutes. Our calculations are error-free, making the whole stub generation process in less than 5 minutes!

For just $2.99 per paycheck stub, you can begin generating accurate paystubs for independent contractors right away!

Create Paystubs with SecurePayStubs
The Added Value We Provide

Start creating pay stubs for 
independent contractors now!

Generate pay stubs securely with SecurePayStubs and enjoy the hassle-free experience.

Commonly Asked Questions 
About Contractor Paystubs

While there's no law that requires employers to distribute pay stubs to independent contractors, it is necessary for contractors to have pay stubs as proof of income.

Having accurate track of pay stubs will help them while applying for a loan to buy a new house or automobile as they have their proof of income handy!

While an employee pay stub will have federal and state tax deductions listed, the contractor pay stub will not have any taxes. This is because companies should not take any deductions or taxes out of the payments made to independent contractors.

Definitely yes! As the contractor pay stub contains information of earnings such as the gross amount paid, pay period, and pay day, it can be used as proof of income.

Since 1099 contractors are self-employed, they mostly won't receive pay stubs from their employers. However, a 1099 independent contractor can generate their own independent contractor pay stubs for clients they have worked for and get paid for the services they provided.

Previously, the IRS used a “20 Factor Test” to evaluate whether a worker was an employee or an independent contractor.

These factors have now been compressed into three general categories for IRS review of the specific situation

  • Behavioral control
  • Financial control calculations.
  • Relationship of the parties

Based on how the worker fits in the said factors, the individual will be determined either as an employee or an independent contractor

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