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What is a paystub?

A paystub, or paycheck stub, is a document issued by a company to its employees as proof of payment for their employment. The pay stub will have the earnings of the employee for a given pay period.

Why should you choose our paystub generator?

Unlike traditional paystub generators, SecurePayStubs calculates all the applicable taxes for paystubs automatically and accurately, including taxes for federal and all 50 states. To get accurate taxes, all you need to do is provide company, employee, and salary information.

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3 Simple steps to generate paystubs using our online paystub generator

3 Simple steps to generate paystubs using our online paystub generator

  • Step 1

    Step 1

    Enter company, employee, and salary information, and get your applicable taxes calculated automatically.

  • Step 2

    Step 2

    Preview the paystub and make sure it's accurate. Make corrections if there are any mistakes.

  • Step 3

    Step 3

    Download the paystub or share it directly to any email address right from the app swiftly.

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SecurePayStubs — the only paystub 
generator you'll ever need

Accurate tax calculations

  • Simple
    Federal taxes, including federal income tax and FICA taxes
  • Simple
    State taxes for all 50 states, such as income tax and disability insurance
  • Simple
    Any applicable local income tax
Accurate tax calculations

Customize paystubs

Customize paystubs

  • Simple
    Choose any paystub template
  • Simple
    Add a business logo
  • Simple
    Include check number, deposit slip, and time-off information

Earnings and deductions

  • Simple
    Add additional earnings, such as overtime, tips, bonus, and more
  • Simple
    Include deductions, such as 401(k), insurance, FSA, and more
  • Simple
    Option to add custom earnings and deductions are also available
Earnings and deductions

More than 1,260,024 paystubs created using 
our paystub generator

It's time to experience our online paystub generator

Try SecurePayStubs now and experience how simple it is to 
create a professional paystub with accurate taxes.

Generate Pay Stub Now
SecurePayStubs is also available as a mobile app

SecurePayStubs is also available as a mobile app

Create accurate pay stubs for employees and independent contractors and send them by email on the go. Our pay stub generator service is available on both iOS and Android.

Ready to try? Install the app now!

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Professional Paystub Generation:
Watch How to Create A Perfect One

Frequently asked questions

What is an online paystub generator?

An online paystub generator is a tool designed to create professional paystubs instantly. It allows users to enter a few basic details to generate accurate paystubs.

Why use an online paystub generator?

Using an online paystub generator streamlines the process of creating paystubs and saves time and effort. It ensures accuracy in calculations and provides a convenient way to generate paystubs.

Can I access previously generated paystubs?

Yes, our online paystub generator provides access to a history of generated paystubs. You can typically retrieve and download past paystubs for record-keeping or reference purposes.

Is the information entered into an online paystub generator secure?

Our online paystub generator uses encryption and secure protocols to protect sensitive information. We adhere to strict privacy and data security measures to keep the entered details safe.

Can I create a paystub for free?

Yes. With SecurePayStubs as your paystub generator, you can create your first paystub for free. You can explore and experience all the features without any limitations.

Can I make corrections or edits after generating a paystub?

Yes. You can make corrections to your paystubs even after generating a paystub. Update the information that needs change without spending a penny. It's absolutely free.

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